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Cairns Mountain Bike Shuttles

Laps on laps with your mates

Tropic Rides offers the best Cairns Mountain Bike Shuttles services, taking you to the most popular gravity and downhill trails in the region.

We make it easy for you to get as many laps as you can. Rock up with your bike and gear  and we look after the rest.

Our Cairns Mountain Bike Shuttles services allow for a maximum of 15 riders for each session*. If you miss a run, don’t worry! With shuttles taking an average of 10 minutes return you are never waiting for too long for a spot to jump on. If you are riding in the area while we are doing shuttles, and we have a spot on the trailer, you can pay per run to get an uplift – but be mindful, booked riders will get priority.

The World Cup Downhill Course includes a $12 fee per rider for access to the trail.

Shuttle sessions change from week to week between Nationals / Worlds / Kuranda trails. To find out which session is running and when – be sure to follow along on Facebook or contact us!

* Our 4wd shuttle setup fits a maximum of 10 riders. We know that riders often take a break and opt out of a shuttle – leaving room for more riders to get a run in!


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*** PASS INFO ***

Still have a Tropic Rides Shuttle Pass? Never fear, you can still use them up! Make sure you choose pay cash on the day payment and we will take the shuttles from your pass for that session. Not sure if you have any shuttles left on your pass? Drop us a message on Facebook and we’ll let you know.

Nationals Downhill Track

The Freshest built gravity trail in the region, and our most popular Cairns Mountain Bike Shuttles venue, located in the Smithfield Mountain Bike park. With picture perfect berms and addictive flowing rollers and technical sections weaving its way down the famous Rainforest hills it’s a trail you simply must ride!

While our Cairns Mountain Bike Shuttles are relatively new to the Smithfield Mountain Bike Park – this trail is certainly not! First carved into the soil at the start of the millenium, the descent was purpose built for the Cairns Mountain Bike Club as their new home-base DH course, and as the course for the then 2004 National Downhill Championships – though you won’t find any piece of the trail still in its original condition!

Shuttle turnaround times are relatively quick, with an approximate 6 minute shuttle to the top and 3 minute descent with the pickup point at the base of the trail.

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4 hour session | $45 per rider
Sat 1pm-5pm / Sun 8am-11am


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World Cup Downhill Course

The big daddy! Our Cairns Mountain Bike Shuttles offerings wouldn’t be complete without letting riders take on the mighty Cairns World Cup / Championships Downhill Course!

Starting at the highest point in the Smithfield Mountain Bike Park, the course winds its way down a knife edge ridge and into a dark, dense and extremely technical rock garden. Giving relief to those who have made it so far, the course then opens up and lets you reach up to 70kms/h over some fast rollers into some fun g-outs before re-entering the dense rainforest for a (rough) bobsled ride down some technical single track through to the finish.

The course has its place in history as one of the oldest (and still current) used in the UCI Mountain Bike World-Cup & Championships. Made famous in 1996 World-Championships, where Shaun Palmer narrowly missed out on snatching the win from then un-stoppable Nicolas Vouilloz – and where Cairns up-comer Sean McCarroll made his debut performance, qualifying right at the top as a young 18yr old.

The trail, in its off-days, is classed as restricted access to everyday riders due to its technical competition nature, but Tropic Rides has you covered with our Cairns Mountain Bike Shuttles allowing you to experience it, with no restrictions! Be aware, this trail is not suited for beginners and some core skills and experience is recommended for riding this trail.

Shuttle turnaround times are relatively quick, with an approximate 10 minute shuttle to the top and 4-5 minute descent with the pickup point at the base of the track.

View Worlds DH Shuttle Pickup Zone

3 Hour Session | $45 per rider*
Sat 1pm-5pm / Sun 8am-11am

* Includes $12 access fee


Kuranda Downhill Track

Kuranda Downhill Track is recognised as the oldest Downhill track in Australia, and the first to be raced in Cairns in the late 80’s / early 90’s, our Cairns Mountain Bike Shuttles takes you on a blast from the past – experiencing just how far the sport, and equipment, has come! While plummeting down the side of the Great Dividing Range, imagine the early pioneers of the sport taking on the exact same line, complete with ruts, rocks, drops, off-camber berms and steeps on bikes with little to no suspension, or brakes.

A local claim to fame – Cairns legend Mick “Sik Mik” Hannah stamped his authority on the trail in the early 2000’s, clocking up an impressive 41 shuttles of the track in one day! While we can’t quite match that, our Cairns Mountain Bike Shuttles will get you up and down the track in relative comfort and speed with plenty of runs being able to be clocked during our time slots – that’s if your hands can make it!

Shuttle turnaround times are moderate, with an approximate 12 minute shuttle to the top and a 5-6 minute descent with the pickup location several hundred metres roll down from the exit of the trail.

View Kuranda DH Shuttle Pickup Zone

3 Hour Session | $45 per rider
Sat 1pm-5pm / Sun 8am-11am


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Saturday 22nd Dec 1pm-5pm| Nationals+Worlds
Sunday 23rd Dec 8am-11am| Kuranda Downhill

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